LISZT (1811-1886)

Franz Liszt was born in Raiding in Hungary on 22nd October 1811. His father played several musical instruments, and by the age of six, Franz was developing a keen interest. His father started to teach him piano at seven, and within a year, the boy made his first attempt at composition. After appearing in concerts in Bratislava, he was sponsored to be educated in music – studying piano and composition.

In time Liszt was recognised as one of the world’s greatest pianists, and considered by some to be the best ever. He was also teacher, composer and conductor, and he helped many other composers including Grieg, Borodin, Saint-Saens, Berlioz and Wagner (the latter became his son-in-law).

His Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 was the second of a set of Hungarian Rhapsodies, and is arguably the best known – not least because of its use in a Tom & Jerry cartoon.. It was the World Championship test piece in 1984.